Nov 15, 2006

Custom Slip-Ons vs. Custom Chucks

There's a lot of fashion designers that make customized designs for shoe companies (Missy Elliot and Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas and Marc Jacobs for Vans—just to name a few). I'm a big fan of customizing shoes on the internet—it's a fun rainy day activity. After a detailed, objective, and in-depth, DESIGNwatcher study comparing Converse's custom shop and Vans' custom shop I have to say that I was suprised that Converse had Vans beat. They have more colors, more options, but best of all you can customize the back tab (they call it the "racing stripe") like a lisence plate. Even better is that Converse is part of the join (RED) campaign. Make your custom slip on for $50 on the Vans website or custom Chuck Taylors Lo-Tops for $60 on the Converse website.

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