Nov 19, 2007

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

It was a rough weekend. It was rainy, I was sick, Harrison was sick, Matt had a bad allergic reaction, there was a crazy string of car-jackings across the street, we saw a bloody fight at a concert on Friday night (wah wah). Nothing seemed to be going right. So, on Sunday afternoon we thought, let's go get a wreath for our door, just a little simple assignment. Well, while we were walking around Jayson I think we starting feeling so good with the warm atmosphere and wonderful Christmas smells (and Bee Gees on the jukebox), that not only did we get a wreath, but we brought home a tree and some amazing vintage ornaments, too. This from two people not so keen on Holiday decor. Maybe these antique ornaments made me into a changed person ($10 in-store only) at Jayson Home + Garden. I did a little looking around a found this vintage set for $12.50. I also love Jonathan Adler vintage-inspired ornaments $24-$28.

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nhlorax67 said...

While I was browsing thru the internet looking for sites on antique ornaments I came across your and saw ornaments that I have hanging on my tree now... I love to collect old ornaments but never was interested in where they came from or how old until this year...I have many ornaments from Shiny Brite to what I was told pre-ww2 The two on your front page I am interested in some information about. Is it possible you can tell me their history?