Jan 15, 2008

A Tale of Two Matteos

I think this might be my last show and tell post from my weekend in New York, and interestingly enough, about two designers both named Matteo. The first Matteo I discovered when I was walking around Moss. I took the below photo (illegally I think, sorry, I can't hold back when I see neon) of Italian designer Matteo Ragni's 2007 "Sunglass" set of six drinking glasses for Pandora.
They work really well with those neon Laguiole knives, no? Anyway, I really love those neon glasses ($140 for six).

The second Matteo was an even better find. Matt (I guess that makes three Matteos) and I have been looking for new linens ever since we moved, but have been having a really hard time. I think it's because we have two poppy lithographs above our bed that are bright orange and aqua-blue, so it's been hard to find something that complements the art and doesn't make you dizzy. We decided we had to go super neutral and were really excited when we were introduced to the company Matteo of Los Angeles when we were perusing around Auto, waiting on our Pastis reservation. It's really well-made, super soft quilts, and great neutral colors. We were instantly sold (I'm sure the three foot hobo hole I accidentally ripped in our fitted sheet has something to do with it too). What's better is that while we were elbowing through the masses at ABC Carpet & Home's 20%-off sale, we found the Matteo flagship store (that's how big ABC is if you haven't been, 6 floors, 2 buildings, seriously you can make a whole weekend out of it) and finally bought some new linens. You can buy all the collections on the Matteo website as well as find local retailers near you, they also sell the line at Design Public (for much cheaper oddly enough). RIP hobo hole!

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