Apr 21, 2008

First Act Green Guitars

Is it Earth Day today? I think someone told me it was, but I feel like the concept of putting aside one day for the Earth is a little lost on most of us these days. It's more like Earth decade. In any case, my friend Anne who works for the company First Act musical instruments (what a cool job!) let me in on their new Green guitars—and they look great!! I believe it started when Adam Gardner of the band Guster asked First Act to create a custom 100% green guitar. The deets: The body of the guitar is crafted from Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, nearly all of the hardware and electronics are made from recycled or salvaged parts—even the exterior finish and paint were chosen for their low toxin emission. Additionally, the carbon emissions associated with electrifying the guitar for its entire lifetime will be made "carbon neutral" through renewable energy company, Native Energy. Check out Garnder's custom guitar and First Act's earth-friendly bamboo guitar ($399) right here. Thanks Anne, you rock!

**update** It's Earth Day EVE today. Sorry.

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Samantha said...

Just so you know, first act is known for making pretty poor quality musical instruments, and I think that it's more ecologically friendly to have an instrument and use it for years and years than to have an ecologically friendly instrument that breaks quickly.