Sep 15, 2009

Langer's vs. Katz's

My friend Caleigh took me to lunch at Katz's Deli, arguably the best pastrami in New York. It was good. Very very very good. But not as good as Langer's. Langer's won out on fresher and better-tasting bread and crunchier coleslaw. That's right, I'm saying it, L.A. has better deli food than New York.


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Wow, I love Katz's in NYC and never even heard of Langer's. Thanks for letting me know. I always thought Nate-n-Al's was the best in LA, but now I have to try Langer's. You've got my mouth watering for a hot pastrami on rye!!!

Jimmy's chicken finger said...

Katz's is overated and those man sandwiches cause heart attacks