Oct 13, 2006

For relaxing times, make it Campari times.

This suspension lamp is made out of Italian Campari soda bottles. It might give your apartment a little of that red-light district feel (?). You can get the lamp at the Goliath of all design stores, New York's MOSS. Ummm yeah...maybe I am just using this as a segway to blog about everyone's favorite Italian cocktail:

The Negroni

1 oz. gin
1 oz. sweet vemouth
1 oz. Campari

Pour three ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker, shake well. Pour over ice in a low ball glass, splash some soda water on top and garnish with an orange slice if desired. Happy Friday everybody!

1 comment:

Alexis said...

What a fun lamp. I love those little glass bottles- in Italy you can find them in every supermarket. They look like little perfectly proportioned jewels.
Love your blog Lizzie! Keep up the wonderful entries.