Oct 30, 2006

Tea'd off or tea'd on?

Recently two of my colleagues were arguing over whether a teakettle placed on a stove as decoration is acceptable or unacceptable. I personally leave my tea kettle on the stove because my kitchen is so small I couldn't possibly store it in my over-crowded cabinets (that are mostly full of peeps now, thanks to Matt's sick love of Halloween candy). Whether it is a design faux-pas or not, if you're going to do it— do it in style. I love the French brand STAUB and their "La Theiere" teakettle. It comes in great rustic colors and seems to synthesize traditional, modern, and Japanese form all at once, needless to say it'll look great on your stove. Get this model (1 quart) at Cutlery and More for $80.

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