Nov 4, 2006

Computer Wallpaper

Lately I've been thinking that computer wallpaper is something to consider. Sure, there are Mac wallpapers and such, but when decorating the home office, don't you need something that will act as art when your computer is idle? Something that will jive with you other furniture? I have been searching high and low for great computer wallpaper—and the best I've got so far is a 1970s MARIMEKKO fabric that I downloaded and made to fit my screen. If you have any sources for computer wallpaper *please* let me know and I will gladly email anyone my Marimekko background as a trade.


Anonymous said...

If you type in "Matisse" in the google image search engine you can come across several paintings that look great as a desktop wallpaper all you have to do it save it.

Anonymous said... has some

Sepideh said...

There's a Russian studio called Art Lebedev that has some fun ones -

It's also a pretty cool site and studio.

Anonymous said... has some great stuff, not exactly wallpaper but you can use it as wallpaper.