Jan 5, 2007

Scottish Deerskins

Last night was so windy in L.A. that the windows in my apartment kept blowing open and knocking over things (like coffee mugs full of coins...the worst thing to be knocked over at 4am). It was freezing and when I reached for my blanket—my 30-lb. dog was sound asleep on it and seemed to weigh no less than an anvil. So this morning I wanted to post about something warm. I found out about the Scottish design company Papa Stour recently and remembered that they had a great deer skin rug, among other really great items for the home like cans of twine, b+w photos, hand-made cards, and antler sculptures. Today though, I had to focus on their deerskin rugs that are sourced from the Scottish Highlands. They will make a great underfoot rug but I think I would sling it over an armchair. The approximate size is 40 inches long by 30 inches wide. Get it here for £60 ($116).

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