Mar 19, 2007

The Hotel Box

The Hotel Box, a new product to the market from Pure Nomade Danish designers Lilian Adler and Soren Berg, is neither a box, nor a piece of furniture, but can be used for everything in between. I think it's actually a pretty good idea, especially for loft living—you could use it as a room divider, shelving system, shoe boxes, files, etc. It's relatively cheap and stores flat when you don't need it. Here are the stats: Boxes are made of fine linen paper cardboard, can be stacked up to 10 feet by using a center screw at the top of the box. Each size: 6"h x 18.5"w x 12d; each box can hold up to 11 pounds. You can get them at the SF MoMA store or Auto for about $25.

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