Jun 4, 2007


Somehow while in Napa Matt and I got a table at Thomas Keller's Bouchon (of The French Laundry and Per Se fame) with no reservation at 7:45pm on a Friday. With that kind of unlikely luck we thought maybe we should buy some Lotto tickets. Bouchon opened about ten years ago and is the most authentic French bistro fare I think I've eaten in this country. We had a croque madame, mussels frites, and profiteroles and a delicious Cliff Lede Cabernet. Renowned designer Adam D. Tihany, who also designed Per Se and has collaborated in the past with Christofle on an unbelievable tabletop line, mastered the French bistro design with a stunning zinc bar, a vibrant mosaic floor, burgundy velvet banquettes, antique light fixtures and a hand-painted mural by French artist Paulin Paris. I also managed to snag a matchbook for my collection. (top photo courtesy of Dr. Tuke)

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matthew a said...

yummy pate too!