Jun 19, 2007

Thomas Paul rugs

Thomas Paul has launched his "long awaited" rug collection on Velocity's website. It's pretty much what you would expect, it's his melamine plates turned into rugs. I'm going to go ahead and say I think I like his plates better, but there are a few patterns I could get behind. Above is "Damask in Ebony and Cream". Check out the entire collection right here, prices start at $150.


Anonymous said...

why don't you blog original content instead of biteing off of designsponge-loser

Lizzie said...

I was inspired to create a blog because of Grace's blog, Design*Sponge. In fact I've written for her and passed along designers to her that she's used for posts. Since we're both covering similar topics it's not that uncommon that we'll overlap from time to time. And yes, I do report on things she's posted, but she has a much larger readership than I do, and perhaps a much different one at that.