Aug 28, 2007

Benjamin Moore Aura

I'm meeting with a painter today to try and get our loft painted as soon as possible. One of the clauses in our lease states that we have to use Benjamin Moore paints. Not a stupid landlord. I was looking into what was new with the paint company and learned about their new Aura line. It is supposed to release less environmentally harmful V.O.C.s (Volatile Organic Compounds). Not only that but the paint is thicker and easier to paint with, you can cover a whole wall with just one coat, it is practically odorless, and it dries in an hour. Benjamin Moore says that people are painting their dining rooms and having people over that night for dinner. If I can get this done before our move-in, hell, I'll have all the painters over for dinner. Check out more info by clicking right here. Cans retail for about $55.

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Danielle said...

holy crap! that's awesome