Sep 21, 2007

Ab Ovo by William Emmerson

I've posted about high-end L.A. furniture store Emmerson Troop a few times in the past and included them in the L.A. Design Guide, and am thrilled to have just learned that William Emmerson, the gallery owner and furniture designer, just created a new furniture line called Ab Ovo. The collection is designed for outdoor (teak and cotton) or indoor (walnut and leather) use and features a dining table, stem table, stools, chairs, screen and chaise lounge. The final piece of this unique, organic collection—a stunning dining chair with animalistic legs—will be unveiled next month. Emmerson states, "The Ab Ovo collection, [is] about the egg, the whole, the circle, the earth." I'm a big fan of this line just from seeing the photos; it seems to mix past and present aesthetics seamlessly. I can't wait to see it in person next time I'm back in L.A.Check out the entire Ab Ovo line by clicking right here. Emmerson has certainly been busy as he also just launched another new collection made solely of black matte oxidized steel with brass accents and suspended glass called FLATBAR, which seems like the polar opposite of Ab Ovo. Two very different furniture lines, one really great design store. Each piece is made to order by hand in Los Angeles. Check out more from William Emmerson at the Emmerson Troop website or in person at 8111 Beverly Blvd in L.A.


Anonymous said...

Wow, his furniture looks amazing. Do you know how much?

Lizzie said...

Not sure, contact them at, I'm sure they can help you with a pricing list.