Sep 30, 2007

Eames 100th anniversary plywood chairs

There are more than a few chairs included in a mental list of chairs I'd like to have one day, but I'd have to say that the 1946 Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair (also known by the acronym "LCW", meaning Lounge Chair Wood) is on my desert island all-time top five list; after all this chair was declared by Time Magazine as the best design of the 20th Century. Traditionally it comes in walnut, ash, and cherry wood and well as black and red, but this year to help celebrate Charles Eames' 100th birthday, the chairs are now available in a series of new colors. Very bold, like the chairs themselves. Not sure if I was spending that much dough that I'd go for one of the new colors, but they sure are fun. Available at Hive Modern for $749, original finishes are about $100 less. For a more extensive tribute to the iconic designer, architect, and filmmaker read this article that appeared in Wallpaper.

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