Oct 9, 2007

black + blum

I am loving this London-based company, black + blum, for their very practical products for the home. I am especially a fan of the above "Time Square" ($78) blackboard/clock/magnet board. I have always wanted a chalk board in my kitchen to play around with, and this seems like a great one as it is a 3-in-1 type deal. Below is their "heavy-weight" ($50) tape dispenser that I am fiercely a fan of. Never in my life had I had the pleasure of owning or working with a solid functional tape dispenser. Almost always they would rip the tape into little strings and then the edge disappears and gets impossible to use. I'm getting frustrated just writing about it! @$#*!! This one is cast in zinc alloy, weighing in at a solid 3 lbs. and boasts a forged stainless steel blade. Thank you black + blum.

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