Oct 26, 2007

Lady of The Manor Wallpaper

I was searching around for wallpaper because I was thinking maybe I'd find a really cool pattern and just buy one sheet (or six) and frame it as a piece of art. The market is so saturated with great wallpaper that I got overwhelmed and gave up. Then I saw this Lady of The Manor wallpaper at Anthropologie and thought it was really fun for a bathroom or mudroom or even a kids room? It's got a David and Sandy Wasco quality to it, they're the team that did the production design for The Royal Tenenbaums. It's that cartoonish and theatrical quality that sort of exaggerates traditional home decor that I think is so fun. Click here for more details and to purchase ($88 for a roll).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I bought "Lady of the Manor" at Anthropologie a while back. I need more but they no longer carry it and do not plan to re-stock. Do you know where I can find this wonderful wallpaper?