Oct 22, 2007

meet MUJI

MUJI is the new Ikea, only Japanese, and better. The company’s basic principle is to develop new simple products at reasonable prices by making the best use of materials while also considering environmental issues, and they are making awesome products: cardboard speakers ($40), acrylic wine racks ($26), and blackboard globes ($14) as well as furniture, clothing, accessories, gifts, you name it. Muji, originally called Mujirushi Ryohin, means "no-brand", but Vanity Fair is already branding them as cheap-chic, in fact it's the MoMA's house brand for their design store. The first store to hit the US will be in Soho later this month, but if all goes well the company plans to open over 20 stores across the continent. You can buy online for now from their UK stores by clicking right here.

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