Nov 2, 2007

Dan Saelinger + Shop SCAD

If you don't know Shop SCAD, it's a great online gallery store (and they just opened another brick + mortar store in Atlanta) that exclusively features the artwork and designs of students, faculty, staff and alumni of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Their pièce de résistance thus far has been the Melamine Dinnerware by Working Class Studio, that's selling in gift stores all over the country ($6-$12). I was checking out shop SCAD recently because I've been looking to invest in some photography as our loft still has some serious empty wall space that needs filling. Our artwork is supersaturated with prints and I'm not ready (nor is my wallet) to make the leap to purchasing paintings yet. I happened upon Dan Saelinger's photography, which I'm loving, especially the above Matchsticks ($300) and the below Marsh ($300), only I wish these were available in oversized dimensions like 5 ft. x 7 ft. instead of 11" x 14". Both photographs are from an edition of 50 and signed and dated by the artist.


Anonymous said...

You're not ready to pay much for artwork(which I understand!)-but you want his work in a 5'x7'?? Unless it were poster quality-which would be gross and asking him to sell out in my opinion-you would be in the thousands of dollars! What's your logic here? I wish customers would think about these things before they spew them! You wouldn't believe how often we artists hear these kind of requests!
Fed-up artist

Lizzie said...


I was trying to make the point that I personally really like oversized photography. Yes, I understand that would make it much more expensive. Not asking anyone to sell out and not even requesting this of anyone. Sorry if the post came off as uninformed or unsympathetic. Not my intention.