Nov 7, 2007

Gift Guide Part Une: For the Pooch

I thought this would be an light way to start out the multi-part gift guide series, but let's face it our dogs are more important than most of our extended family, it's nothing to take too lightly.

From top left to right: I love this Jonathan Adler British Flag dog bed ($195-$225), it's like one of his giant pillows; I think my favorite item on this list is Barbour waxed cotton dog jacket ($69-$98), it's great for dogs that tend to get burrs everywhere which subsequently form massive dreadlocks that need to be snipped out; This Re-used Yarn dog ($14) from Muji is actually for children, but whatever, it works and it's eco-friendly; if your dog is a tennis-ball addict why not really give her a treat from the mundane world of Penn and Wilson with a Black Dog orbee tennis ball 3-pack ($20), a Martha's Vineyard icon. Part stick, part plush toy, what's not to like? Stick Plush toy ($15-16) is both owner and dog friendly; I've posted about Holden Designs' pet feeders ($98-$145) maybe more than once, and Hare has one so 'nuff said; I had to balance out the Barbour with this Hippie Hound lead ($20-22); I think these vinyl feeding mats ($8-$13) are a necessity—especially for messy eaters; Deadly Squire beds ($160-$220) are rad, period.

If your dog sheds, The FURminator is a brush you have to try, it's the Mach 12 for mutts; I think these boiled wool dog toys ($10) are great, no squeaks inside and eco-friendly; Any reputable golden retriever who claims to have championship papers would be lost without a Smathers + Branson needlepoint collar ($75); But if you're dog is more of a "I went to Boulder and worked holidays as a lift operator" type, maybe one of these Knot-a-leashes ($20-$25) is the right choice; A great alternative to lugging a bed when you have to travel with the pup is these cozy dog quilts ($130); you can't deny Paul Smith's chic striped lead ($190), a modern classic.


Sarah said...

Ok - I love this site - went to it immediately and ordered some great stuff for the three puppies!


Anonymous said...

I bought the dog brush, and it is fabulous. No more sweeping up the clumps of hairs. Nice job!