Dec 11, 2007

Bon Appétit c-c-c-changes

I heard about the Bon Appétit redesign maybe a week ago, but saw the new logo in the flesh just last night when I picked up the January 08 issue at Whole Foods. The magazine has gotten some mixed press (This NY Mag article being particularly ruthless), but having worked there I have to say: Finally! It looks great, but most importantly it accurately matches what's been behind the cover for a long time. I'm biased but I really do think that Bon Appétit provides an easy way to stay up on food trends and restaurant trends as well as accessible seasonal recipes that work. Who wouldn't want that in their mail box every month? $12 for one year subscription by clicking here.

In other magazine news: Blueprint (Martha Stewart's shelter mag) is closing after its Jan/Feb 08 issue.


KikiT said...

I agree, I think the design looks simple and modern, it's much more attractive to me.

B.Hamilton said...

H&G, Blueprint, what am I supposed to read now?