Dec 4, 2007

TableArt for TableArt

I have to say I hold a special place for TableArt, a luxe Melrose Avenue tabletop/shelter shop. They opened their store, a stones throw from my old apartment, right around the time when I started covering tabletop for Bon App├ętit. They were new to getting press coverage and I was new to tabletop, so it worked out ok. I vaguely remembered the owner Walter Lowry telling me he was in the process of manufacturing his own line a few years ago, and when I got an email about their holiday offerings yesterday I saw the result. I must say the TableArt line is very TableArt: luxurious and simple. Above: mother-of-pearl spoons ($10-$14); Opal and sky blue pitchers and tumblers ($35-$72); horn and silver plate salad servers ($65).

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