Jan 30, 2008

Foosball Fever

I don't know what it is about Foosball and guys, is it like an undeniable genetic need for them to want Foosball tables? When we lived in L.A. Matt would entice me to have brunch with him on Sunday mornings downtown at the Standard Hotel because they had a Foosball table in the entry way. It was actually pretty awesome. I know he has been not-so-secretly pining for a table of his own, luckily we have no space for it at this point. But eventually (light years in the future), I hope he can have his own man area of our home complete with darts and leather club chairs. We saw a replica of a vintage Foosball table when we were at ABC Carpet & Home a few weeks back, but nothing compares to theses Argentinian beauties I discovered at Architectual Artifacts, a Chicago store and museum that collects objects of intrigue from all over the world. I am especially fond of the aluminum table directly below with the light blue and white trim. I'm not sure of how old it is but my guess is early to mid 20th century. From top to bottom: Argentina Cast Aluminum table ($2200); red and white Foosball Table ($2200); Argentina Futbol Table with Coca-Cola Advertising ($3600).

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