Jan 1, 2008

J. Lindeberg

Well, we're officially into a new year. On Saturday Matt and I got our dignity handed to us on a plate in a friendly round of golf with our friends Katie and Matt who shot a combined 76. A good way to end the year (for them!). Yesterday, in an attempt to regain what was lost on the links, we entered into a 6-part family competition that included mini-golf, go-carting, batting cages, liars dice, hearts and scrabble. Everyone involved took each event extremely seriously, my dad actually caused Matt to spin out on the track almost injuring several children. Matt and I took gold in mini golf and the batting cages but knew we weren't favored in the more academic events like srabble. (I mean, we were competing with a PhD, a few masters degrees, and a quasi-autistic genius). We decided if all else failed we would bring it with our wardrobe. The fact that we showed up in black tie gave us the competitve edge we needed to finish in second. Next time we play Katie and Matt in golf, we're going to have to step up our golf wardrobe. I've already started my research and am scouting some pieces from J. Lindeberg, a modern golf line started in the mid-90s by an ex-Diesel designer who's life's mission is to modernize golf. You can buy all the items below right here or check the J. Lindeberg website for retailers near you.

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