Jan 6, 2008

Justin Giunta

I discovered New York-based Justin Giunta a few years ago when I bought one of his necklaces. I completely forgot his name until I stumbled onto his lighting the other day and connected the dots. So, not only is he a genius jewelry designer, but he also designs really cool lighting, oh, and he's also a fashion desinger, a talented painter, and a cutting-edge interior designer. What an a**! Above are a few of his necklaces, which are all available for purchase online from his Subversive Jewelry line (Sunken Treasure Necklace in sea blue $575). Below are a few examples of his extraordinary lighting which juxtaposes industrial hardware with vintage crystals, very...Titanic. You can check out more of his lighting right here and I know his "Super Chandelier" is for sale at Auto for $2,200.

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