Feb 26, 2008

Kiosk Money + Coupons

I'm kicking myself right now because Kiosk is one of the stores I really wanted to stop into while I was in New York last month and I totally dropped the ball. They're a really unique retailer that travels the world one country at a time looking for household goods exclusive to a particular nation—a prime example being the above French number stencil ($16). Their goods from Hong Kong launches March 13th, so until then they're having a Post-Presidents Day, Pre-St. Patrick's Day, Primary Days Madness SALE!
They've emailed the above coupons out which you can print and cut or use online (put a note in the comments field about the coupons when ordering). I love their coupon design as well as their "Kiosk Money" gift certificates. Not your average gift card! Be sure to check out the sale as well as check in on March 13 for their Hong Kong spread, the good stuff goes fast, go now.


DebonaireBillionaire said...


Thanks for this post...

I kree8 tshirt designs using stencils so i'm constantly looking for unique cutouts like this one.

I need to get my stencils made of 'metal' like these French numbers you show here!

thanks again...


Angsana said...

Hi,I am glad I stumbled onto your site. I especially LOVE what they have to offer on Kiosk.
Will be dropping in more often to see what you have:)