Feb 28, 2008

MCR prints

I still have a sizable blank wall that hasn't been filled, and while I love the soothing feeling of a big blank wall, eventually that's going to have to change. I've been searching around, but not finding anything in the size I want. Well, that's not true, what I really want are one of these Alexander Calder woven wall hangings from the early 70s, but unless someone wants to donate their children's college tuition money to my apartment decorating fund I'm SOL on that one.

I am extremely fond of the artwork featured at the Scottish design website Papa Stour. In fact, for Christmas I bought a black and white photograph for Matt which I think he adores. The above two giclee prints are by MCR, a graphic artist out of Edinburgh. The top image is of His 'n' Hers ($150 unframed) and the next image is of The Up-Shot ($189), which I think looks great in a white frame. Both pieces were printed in only a series of ten.

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monado said...

You could get some of Judit Gueth's FABRIC prints and frame them. She's my current fave (www.prettyinprint.ca).