Feb 29, 2008

Mount Gay Rum

Matt and I never really recovered from our re-entry into Chicago weather from our trip to the Bahamas earlier this month. As a result, we're throwing a party tonight in celebration of this awful wintry month being over. We're making 3 gallons of a popular Bahamian drink called Goombay Smash—a cocktail that's very heavy in the rum department. In that regard I'm a huge fan of Mount Gay. I can't tell you with any authority that I think it's tastier or smokier than other rums, but it's my favorite. Some people will only drink Plymouth gin or Kettle One vodka, I'm like that with Mount Gay rum. There's also some serious Mount Gay merchandise people go nuts over—especially their red caps that are not sold on the open market. They're given out at regattas only, but you can snag them on ebay or at your local New England boarding school dormitory. Back to the Goombay Smash: I purchased the below glass urn ($69) from Pottery Barn for the party, and besides the fact that it was made in China and probably cased with lead, you can barely tell.
Have a great weekend! Happy March!


ThePeachTree said...

Good for you! Enjoy yourselves :)

NightMyst3 said...

Kind of odd question but had to comment on the urn. Something like that would look nice on my glass top living room table. :D

Ideas, Ideas lol.

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ANNA-LYS said...

Great design blog!!!

Happy Spring! :-)

dzja01 said...

the glass urn looks neat! :P

Austin Maloney said...

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Shoestringtaitai said...

Great blog! I really enjoyed reading it.
The photo of your glass urn and drinks made me can't wait for spring!

Pigtown-Design said...

Love Mt.Gay, tonic & Lime and have multiple red/pink hats from many races!