Feb 17, 2008

Presidents Day

Ah, Presidents Day. Known by most people as a day off and a barrage of pesky mattress sale ads. It doesn't have to be that way. Stubbs & Wootton, the Palm Beach shoemaker famous for their whimsical velvet and linen loafers, have produced these little numbers just in time for 2008—which will be known as the year campaigning killed America. Stubbs & Wootton's velvet loafers make an outstanding black tie shoe (inaugural ball anyone?) and look just as good with jeans and a button down. If Rod Stewart can pull them off, you can too. Not sure which party you're ready to put your sole into? Get both pairs and wear one on each foot, David Hockney-style. Speaking of which, S&W covers the Green Party advocates too with their Pot-Peace slippers, the left shoe is a cannabis leaf and the right shoe is a peace sign. With the price tag at $395 for men and $350 for women, Stubbs & Wootton velvet slippers aren't exactly the populist's choice for shoes, but I think they would fit in just fine in places like, oh say, Kennebunkport and Hyannis Port and other similar ports. Check them and some of my other favorites out on the Stubbs & Wootton website. And I'd like to give a shout out to Dennis Bailey, who's always willing to talk Stubbs & Wootton with me.


Dr Tuke said...

How about some politico shoes for men?

Lizzie said...

Not manly enough for you, Dr. Tuke?

Anonymous said...

The Democrat and Republican slippers come in sizes for both men and ladies...!