Feb 25, 2008


Ralph Nader announced yesterday on Meet The Press that he's running for President again. I thought maybe I'd pay tribute to the guy by posting something green, after all he is the reason we have an EPA. STAACH is a Rochester, NY-based studio run by a few young on-the-rise designers that believe furniture should be functional, simple and sustainable. The Cain collection is exactly that. The above Cain Collection chair ($380 for two) comes in several colors and finishes—all of which are lead-free, HAPS free, low to no VOC and water borne/solubles. Sounds pretty consumer-friendly to me, I wonder if Ralph would say the same. Click here to see the rest of the collection.


Suzanne said...

Congrats on being chosen 'Blog of Note'

I've just scrolled down the entire length of the page and found so many things I wanted to comment on. For instance your post on Stubbs and Wootton shoes reminded me of the Belgian shoe store in NYC, and how much I love their shoes!

Your trip to the islands reminds me of what old Florida (my home state) used to be, and the little beach towns where you can still find wonderful shops like you described.

I loved your post about the Post Ranch Inn. Big Sur is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and the architecture of these buildings blend seamlessly into the landscape.

And finally, having spent a year living through a Chicago winter (one was enough!) I can definitely sympathize with your desire to stay inside and check out Dooce's wonderful blog!

Wonderful blog!


RattleSnake said...

picture looks like spain

Lizzie said...

Thanks very much! Wow, seems like we have a lot in common!