Mar 20, 2008

Airport Art

I found these 18" x 23" prints today at the Publique Living website and it reminded me of some recent hilarious phone conversations I've had with my brother. Basically my mom keeps planning visits to see him in Boston but keeps canceling her trips at the last minute—not to mention a road trip she begged him to take with her through the Deep South that she ended up bagging. Mom: you can't keep doing this to him. It hurts his feelings. As of May 1, JetBlue will start flying from O'Hare to Boston. In other words, I'll visit you Brett, despite the fact that Logan Airport is the worst airport on the planet. That's an objective fact. The above prints are only two of the 27 prints in the series GRAFIK180:CITYART, artwork inspired by the distinctive architectural elements from buildings around the world and called out by airport code. I'm not really getting the architectural elements part, but the graphics are cool. About 25 cities in total. Click here to find a retailer.

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