Mar 5, 2008

Charley Harper's Illustrated Life

I remember this book coming out last year but it must have floated in and out of my consciousness faster than I could write it down on my "to blog list". As I hopped from store to store in Andersonville yesterday I saw it inside a furniture store on Clark called The White Attic. Most reviews of this hefty and bursting-with-color tome agree that designer Todd Oldham has done a wonderful job paying homage to a real American treasure: artist Charley Harper. This beautiful and large format book (420 pages) is the definitive monograph of the modernist illustrator's work, which spans five decades. I've seen the book retailing for $200, but online for much less, like right here it's been listed as low as $127 (currently out of stock at Amazon).


Bryclops said...

It's actually back in stock at Amazon, for $126. Looks like an awesome book. Thanks for pointing it out.

Treee said...

Another Design fan! I like that!

Anonymous said...

nice!thanks for the tip!