Mar 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day (officially)

This weekend was whirlwind of green. I'm proud to say that I survived my first Chicago St. Patty's Day with no broken bones or paddy wagon rides. I was impressed with most outfits—but as my extremely Irish cousin Quinn told me, "Real Irish people don't get all decked out in green." I was really loving the Irish-prep uniform seen at most Lincoln Park bars: On both guys and girls I saw a bunch of Kelly Green Sperry's ($30) and lots o' Classic Beaufort Barbour jackets ($365). I also caught a glimpse of a few shamrock-patterned pants ($125)—sorry the pic is just of pattern. Of course no St. Patty's Day outfit is complete without a Guinness in a plastic cup.

*I want to quickly apologize to the e-mail subscribers—it seems this feed has gotten a little screwed up, but I hope it's been fixed.

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Quinn said...

Don't forget, a good set of blond extensions and white heels always bodes well on St. Patty's day as well ;)