Mar 21, 2008

Keep Calm Gallery

It's the first day of Spring and as a present to celebrate this milestone in my life, Mother Nature gave me a blizzard. Thank you, you bitch. (For more hilarious musings on the hellacious Winter of 08 read this Canadian article—it might make you feel a little better). I felt it was an appropriate day to feature British company Keep Calm Ltd—makers of screen prints, often with a cheeky message. I know all of us in Chicago are one pellet of sleet in the eye away from total mental breakdown, but we have to keep calm for greater good. On that note, I'm leaving for L.A. tomorrow for a week (see ya!). When I get back I hope you people have this situation under control. Above: Keep Calm Print ($36). Below: Loose Lips Print ($36).


Lori said...

I have the red one that I bought from (for less than the other site, I think), but I wish I would have known these other colors existed! Thanks for such a great blog. So glad I stumbled upon it.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Though this is a vintage design and not subject to trademark, KEEP CALM GALLERY were the first clever ones to produce these posters. Other people have followed, but I would recommend buying from keepcalm, they are, in fact, the "artists" who created the idea of reproducing them. W