Mar 3, 2008

LG goes on the air!

I was interviewed by Marty Owings tonight of Radio Free Nation, an independent digital talk radio station based in Minnesota. If you're interested in hearing someone who sounds like they're 12 talk nervously about this blog and being a freelance writer then I would absolutely click here. But seriously, I think it's important to support independent media, so check out RFN, they're completely advertisement-free.


Sarah said...

Very impressive! You're famous!


erratic elisa said...

good for you! I have to say, I am glad that blogs are a freeform of media, for the people, by the people! Here is mine:

The Cool Kids Club said...

If you like that you should also check out, it's also an AD free radio. I'm about to check out RFN myself so I'm not sure what to expect. We shall see. Thanks for posting. :)