Mar 12, 2008

Modern Geometry memo mousepad

It might just be me, but I haven't seen a mousepad in years. What happened to them? Are they destined to be another relic from the past like dust jackets? I don't understand why they've vanished because people still need them. Maybe it's because more and more people are opting for laptops over desktops? I've been using a pad of paper as a make-shift mousepad and lately three tan Moleskine journals stacked on top of each other. I popped my head in Jayson yesterday and saw these Modern Geometry memo mouse pads ($9) which are traditional mousepads in shape with the benefit of 60 scribble sheets. I like this, it's like a giant post-it mousepad with a cool pattern.

I'm headed up to the north shore for a story I'm writing for Interiors Magazine, I'll probably be back with more posts later this afternoon.

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