Apr 17, 2008

Krate Design + Lisa Wyatt

I've blogged about my friend Lisa's photography a few times before, but this morning I was checking out her newly designed website and discovered something awesome. When you click the "about" link, the website directs you to a memory game with all images that correlate to things she loves, you know, like that her all-time favorite rap star is Biggie, her favorite car is the 1968 Dodge Charger, Black Sabbath is the "most rockin'est", Toshiro Mofune is her favorite samurai (clearly), and her favorite make-believe animal is the unicorn! The website was designed by Krate, a New York based design agency. Check out Lisa's website and play memory if you need a good distraction from work today. Below is one of my favorite Lisa Wyatt photos: Rainer Hertrich, the man who holds the world record for most consecutive days skied. I'm headed to the press preview of Jayson Home & Garden's European flea market tonight where I will be taking lots of photos.


Quinn said...

I checked out Lisa's website the other day when you mentioned her in a recent blog. it is GREAT! I played the match card game and checked out her amazing photos. I even noticed some familiar faces in one...hmmm :)

classact said...

Love your blog, check out mine eyefivestyle.blogspot.com