Apr 29, 2008

PlasticGod at A+R

I was reading style journalist Rose Apodaca's blog, who is also one of the owners of A+R today and am so psyched about the new Architect/Design Series of PlasticGod that they will be carrying (starting next week). PlasticGod is the work of artist Doug Murphy who depicts pop icons on small 4" x 7" canvases in his own illustrative style—self-dubbed "Your 21st Century Warhol". He's done The Royal Tenenbaums, the cast of Napolean Dynamite, Duran Duran, Andre 3000, The Breakfast Club, The Stones, The Brady Bunch—way too many to name. They're not up on A+R's website yet, but from looking around I'm guessing they'll be in the $100 range. Below is an image of PlasticGod's Frank Gehry. I think it's great, but according to PlasticGod.com, Gehry has disapproved of the caricature of himself, is it because of the Lego hands? Starting May 5th get them at A+R. (Above: Le Corbusier, Buchminster Fuller, Frank Lloyd Wright, I.M. Pei, Frank Gehry, Charles Eames. Not shown: Antoinio Gaudi).

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