Apr 7, 2008


So, last night Matt and I went to see my friend Claire's indie-electro band YACHT open for Vampire Weekend at Metro. Umm...when we got there they gave us back-stage passes and I totally felt like Garth when he got a back stage pass to Alice Cooper in Wayne's World, but I acted REALLY cool. I was like, "Oh hey Vampire Weekend bass player, yeah being back stage isn't a big deal for me either and I also drink beer on Sundays because I'm hardcore." In terms of design, I love the YACHT logo. Check out the YACHT website to see more of their really cool merch and to be directed to download their music and check their upcoming tour dates. The end.

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Welcome to My Bed said...

Adorable dog.

I just stumbled upon your blog recently and loved it, so I'd like you to know you're in my link section cos even though I doubt I get all that much traffic, I'd like to send some your way!