May 13, 2008


I am just now realizing that I never posted anything from my trip last week to San Francisco. I actually didn't do any design shopping or scouting because I was too busy eating. In the short time I was there I made it to Slanted Door, Pizzeria Delphina, Elizabeth Falkner's new restaurant, Orson, Tartine Bakery, and The Front Porch, which was my favorite (crab and grits!). But the best part of the weekend was hanging out with my brother and his fiancee at their engagement party. A few of us convinced my brother it was mandatory for him to give a toast, which he did. It was a great toast (very sweet) and I was reminded of it this morning when I saw the above poster on the Reform School website. It's out of stock right now but I think it can be ordered. It's 11" x 19" and you can get it by clicking right here ($30).

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