May 27, 2008

The Violet Hour

The highlight of the long weekend for me was Saturday night drinks at The Violet Hour, a speakeasy style bar opened just less than a year ago. If you've heard of New York's Pegu Club, it's right up that same alley—marked only with a yellow light and a place for someone who knows and loves their cocktails. My favorite drink there so far is the New York Sour made of Plymouth gin, Rosé, Egg White, and Orange Flower Water. But I tasted my friend's and it didn't seem like there was anything wrong with their extensive drink menu. Even the ice cubes which are twice filtered are delicious. The design, by architect Thomas Schlesser, is part of the appeal too. Apparently the visual inspiration was drawn from the pared down styles of the early 19th century English Georgian and French Directory. I think it's really cool how they don't allow standing room, you're either at the bar, sitting down at a table, or outside waiting. 1520 N. Damen, Chicago.

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