Jun 9, 2008

Beat Boston!

Last night the Lakers lost game 2 to the Celtics. They almost came back from a 20+ point deficit in the second half, but sadly they lost. It seems that the slogan "Beat LA" is still ringing fondly in the ears of Boston fans after two decades. There's a plethora of "Beat LA" merchandise out there. In fact I was looking around the NBA website to see if there were any "Beat Boston" t-shirts and I found something much much better. Most teams have mini team figurines that represent the city, a car or truck usually. The Boston Celtics sell a Fleer Boston Celtics 1:80 Die Cast Tractor Trailer ($16). Pretty cool...I guess, that is until you see what L.A.'s figurine is: a Los Angeles Lakers die-cast OCC chopper! ($30). I'd like to see them try and beat that.

1 comment:

Josh B said...

they should have just cast snoops laker-theme impala. its yellow with purple accented interior and has "Lakers" air brushed on it in several places. I still hate the Lakers though.