Jun 2, 2008

Merriam-Webster 's Collegiate Dictionary

Often times when Matt and I are both working in the office, he'll stop and say things like, "How do you spell Czechoslovakia?" and "What exactly is a syringe, does that include the needle?" and "What is the state abbreviation for Delaware?" and "How do you spell pharmaceutical?" I look at him blankly as if I didn't hear what he said and think to myself, "Why on Earth would he think I would know the answer to these? Do I look like some kind of genius?" I type it into the online dictionary as if I was working on something else and then ask him to repeat the question. When he does I give him the exact answer as if I was some kind of genius. I guess that's why he keeps asking. Using the internet as a dictionary is so convenient, but I love these Leather bound Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionaries ($159) that come are bound in hand-stained Italian leather in Brown, Red, Pink, Yellow, Robin's Egg, and Gold.

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Amanda said...

Now if only these came in Encyclopedia Brittanica version!