Aug 18, 2008

Fine art photography to invest in now.

My friend Lisa Wyatt, a photographer who's shot for Esquire, The Los Angeles Times Magazine, Outside, Fortune, ESPN, and I.D. (to name just a few) kindly offered to write a guest blog giving recommendations about three up-and-comers in the photo world. Thanks Lisa!

Fine art Photography to invest in now.
by Lisa Wyatt


He's the current darling of the fine-art photo world. In fact, he was the youngest artist to have a solo show at the Whitney. His series “I Know Where The Summer Goes” captures the raw sensibilities of youth, free spirit and rebellion. If I absolutely had to choose (but please never make me), I would have “Ann (Slingshot), 2007,” “Running Field, 2007,” and “Hysteric Fireworks, 2007” (shown above) hanging on my living room wall. Also check out "The Breakout Performances” series he shot for NYT Magazine. You can see more of his work here.


Her photographs are sopping with color and texture and are simply beautiful in execution, especially the series “Deer Beds" which was exhibited at the New York Photo Festival in Dumbo, Brooklyn last Spring. Wolkoff has also been gaining recognition for her evocative, faintly lit portraits and her work chronicling the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


His landscapes undoubtedly speak for themselves. There's a certain eeriness to them that mesmerizes me each time I look at his work.

For those of us not ready to start collecting we can focus first on creating a photo book library. Here are Lisa's recs:

Go-Sees by Jeurgen Teller
Tokyo Suburbia by Takashi Homma
Passing Though Eden by Tod Papageorge
Subway by Bruce Davidson
Niagra by Alec Soth
Room with a View by Andrew Hetherington

Dashwood Books in NYC is arguably the best photo bookstore in the country, stop in if you can.

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Kelly said...

Hey Liz, it's Kelly, in L.A.!
I just wanted to say that I loooove this section- am starting to collect and always trying to keep up on new photographers.
Keep up the good work!

Oh, and p.s.- I bought those W/O sunglasses from Swell because I saw them here. They are awesome, except I haven't figured out how to avoid the giant red nose-dent I get with them...