Aug 14, 2008

A Peace Treaty

With the geo-political situation on the Russian-Georgian border, I thought it would be appropriate to blog about A Peace Treaty, a fashion collection aimed at creating ethically-produced, artisan-level goods for the luxury market. The company was started by Faraf Malik, a Pakistani Muslim, and Dana Arbib, a Lybian Jew—both with a love for high fashion and the common goal of increasing awareness of ancient, disappearing crafting traditions. I think their handkerchief scarves and pocket squares are really great and am actually looking forward to Fall now. Above: MUSHRI Handkerchief Scarf ($109). Below: JHATPAT Handkerchief Scarf ($78); KASUR Pocket Square ($26). Check out the whole collection and local dealers right here, I think this label is bound to take off.

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