Sep 22, 2008


It's Monday morning, time to talk coffee. Everyone has their own brand that they swear by—Coffee Bean, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, Pete's. In Chicago (and Silver Lake) there's a lot of swearing by Intelligentsia. And mighty reason for it. I'm nothing close to a coffee connoisseur, but there's a lot of people that are (Food & Wine, Saveur, Edible LA) that believe Intelligentsia has the best coffee and coffee bars around. I also think their logo is AWESOME and their online store is pretty cool too, full of pint glasses, coffee mugs, even skateboard decks! Check it out right here.

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figment said...

Living in Chicago and admitting to being coffee's bitch, I can say with great confidence that Intelligentsia is ZEE best! And if you're in the area and want to try zee best of zee best, visit the Intelligentsia Cafe in the Monadnock Building at 53 W. Jackson Blvd. The baristas there have won national awards, and for very good reason.