Sep 25, 2008

magnetic cooking timers

I installed the new iWork application from Apple, it's basically Microsoft Office suite, only created by Apple. Their Pages application (Apple's answer to Microsoft Word which can be imported and exported as a Word doc with a single click) is really cool because it's got great graphic features, almost as if it is a Photoshop/Word hybrid. I like the little piece of tape feature I put on top of the above image. In fact, that tape is single-handedly holding up three magnetic cooking timers ($8 each) from New Stone Age in L.A. It would be nice to have all three for when you need multiple timers, like Thanksgiving, but also because it would make your fridge look like a cockpit. This is my last post until I get to the East Coast next week. Have a great weekend!

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ash said...

Oh-love this idea! ;)
great blog always reading it!