Oct 9, 2008

John Derian post cards

I'm really glad John Derian has begun to make post cards from some of his classic decoupage tray designs, because I like so many of them, but don't necessarily want a ton of decoupage laying around. His 4" x 6" Carte Postales are the perfect in-between and only $1.50 each. Perfect for the fridge, vision boards, and of course sending a good old-fashioned note to someone. Above is my favorite one taken from old found correspondence. Check out the rest of them right here. If you're not in NYC, call 212-677-3917 to order.


Anne said...

I got mine at his little mini outpost in provincetown, ma. Probably shut down after labor day, but so cute. Love that guy. Have you seen his stuff for Target? It is pretty great, actually. Some is a little chintzy, but I got his signature-looking coasters. Which I think are a delight.

Mister Allred said...

I love that ship photo. I wouldn't mind having that in my place.