Oct 3, 2008

Marimekko Cambridge

Yesterday afternoon I walked over the Longfellow Bridge to meet Maryam in Cambridge to check out the only US Marimekko store! But before we went design hunting, she took me on a tour of the Google office, where she works. I'm not allowed to post photos, but just trust that it completely blew me away! The first person I met was her massage therapist and the first thing I saw was a Google sign made out of Jello boxes—to say nothing of the giant chess set and indoor jungle gym. I reluctantly left the office to trek deeper into Cambridge to the Marimekko store that opened last year, but honestly all I remember about Marimekko was my interior monologue of "must find way to get Google to hire me...must find way to get Google to hire me." Maryam did score some great pillows for their home office (NOT ANYTHING CLOSE TO GOOGLE OFFICE!) and we both went home with matching mouse pads. The store will also custom-make any pillow from the huge wall of fabrics they stock for only $65. Regular pillows are $40—great price point, and definitely worth a trip if you're in the Boston area. 350 Huron Ave.


keller&CO. said...

what's the mouse pad look like?

Heidi said...

nice shop!