Oct 27, 2008

Middle humidifiers

As I begin to do research for my Tokyo trip I've noticed the Japanese have a slight obsession with humidity. In fact, the hotel I'm staying at has humidity settings in the room! I love these Japanese humidifiers from the company Middle because they don't look like an appliance as most humidifiers do. The sleek teardrop-shaped humidifiers were designed by Takashi Hiroshi Tsuboi and can produce moisture for up to ten consecutive hours. They're not yet available to buy from the U.S. yet, but they will be shortly—I may have to bring one back with me, especially because it's almost time to break them out here in Chicago. (via Cool Hunting)

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Anonymous said...

Do you know when this product will be available? What a great idea! I love using my humidifier in the winter months but would like something more aesthetically pleasing. Have you found any other more aesthetically pleasing designs available in the US? I am desperate to bring my humidifier out... but am hoping to find a better design option first.